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5 Health Benefits of Meditation

September 04, 2020 3 min read

When an individual indulges in self-reflection and contemplation, it is known as meditation. You may feel that meditation is all about sitting alone with closed eyes. Many people get confused between praying and meditating. The former is used as a medium to talk to God, but meditating is listening to him. When you are praying, you are simply thanking the almighty or asking for your wishes to come true. In meditation, your mind is free from greed, lust and other distractions. Meditation is taking full charge of your mind. There are major health benefits of meditation and this post covers 5 of them.



Health Benefits of Meditation



    1. Bidding Adieu to Stress



Stress and depression are diseases that can become lethal. It can take lives and scar you for your entire life. Most people meditate to reduce stress – physical and mental. As per research and scientific studies, stress can increase the level of cortisol in your body.

Cortisol is a stress hormone and this can be risky for your health. High levels of cortisol can cause high blood pressure, depression, fatigue, and drowsiness.


In order to reduce stress, certain breathing techniques should be followed. Choosing a steady position and clearing your mind is another way to get rid of stress.



    2. Improved Sleep



As soon as you start meditating, it helps you to sleep better. Many people suffer from a condition known as insomnia. They have difficulty in falling asleep and staying awake all night is not healthy. With the help of meditation, all the tension gets released and you get into a peaceful zone.



    3. Lowering Blood Pressure



When there is strain on the heart, it leads to high blood pressure. This could be fatal. When the blood pressure goes high, it can lead to brain hemorrhage or heart attack. One of the health benefits of meditation is that it lowers blood pressure and relaxed the nerves. If you tend to get hyper or have symptoms of anxiety, make meditation a part of your daily routine.



    4. A Peaceful and Happier Mind



Happy people are more productive to the society. When a person is depressed, they do not give their 100% at work or even a relationship. If you want to be happier, practice meditation. You can take out 5-30 minutes in a day to meditate. Once you are done with chanting and breathing, you will feel refreshed.



    5. No More Headaches



Headaches can be extremely excruciating and it may get you uncomfortable. When you wake up in the morning or end your day, you want your mind to be at peace. Headaches ruin your entire day. By sitting down in one posture, closing your eyes, chanting mantras and clearing your mind, your headache shall vanish.






When you meditate, all the negative thoughts leave your mind. Human beings tend to think a lot, but meditation helps in bringing clarity and peace to your mind. So, understand the health benefits of meditation and embrace it with open arms. You will notice the difference after the first session. With meditation, your body gets filled with confidence, vigor, and dynamism.



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Maiah Andrews
Maiah Andrews

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